Muirwood: The Lost Abbey Graphic Novel (Kindle Serial) (Legends of Muirwood)

Muirwood: The Lost Abbey Graphic Novel (Kindle Serial) (Legends of Muirwood) - Jeff Wheeler, Matthew Sturges, Dave Justus, Alex Sheikman, Lizzy John I received this graphic novel as an advanced reading copy from Jet City Comics through NetGalley, so a big thank you to whoever approved me!

I saw this book on NetGalley and thought it had a pretty interesting summary. I've been looking for a few good science fiction or fantasy series to read and this one promises to be an intro/prologue to the Muirwood series so I thought I'd give it a try. I was pretty glad I did too!

There is a really good chance I will pick up this series! I like the basis for this story and I love that I can already tell it's a very well flushed out world (although I did not fully understand it yet) I think that someone who has already begun the series would be able to appreciate it a lot more than I could, so I will defiantly have to revisit this once I have a few of the main books under my belt!

I think that the art was very interesting, it reminded me of a stained glass window at times. There were lots of dark outlines with blurry middles. I'm not sure if I liked that or not, but it was beautifully done.

There is a lot of potential here and I hope that the next installment does not disappoint! I will absolutely be continuing on with this series and encourage anyone who likes the Muirwood books to pick this up!

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