The Summoning (Darkest Powers, Book 1)

The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong I really really liked it! I think it had a really nice, believable blend of reality and fantasy. Like if someone said to me 'oh this is actually real' (and they were like credible or whatever) I might consider believing them (in a not really kind of way). Ok wait, rephrase in a less crazy way. It is believable that this could be going on without my knowledge in the world.
I liked that the author obviously researched the mental health system before writing it because there were accurate descriptions of medical things. For example: I did clinical at a youth group center (not a boarding type place, but a day time thing) and it was pretty close. I think that was my favorite thing, that there weren't huge flaws!

I also liked that Chloe did not whine internally about pointless things. I hate when I read a book and it's set in 1st person and the narrator just monologues about stupid stuff. I actually usually shy away from 1st person narrative because of that reason.

Also I love that it's a series. I always feel like there should have been another book when it's not a series.

The only thing that bugged me about the book was Derek. I feel like in the beginning he was portrayed as unintelligent like the 'big dumb brute' character, and somewhere in the middle his whole personality switched. I get that it was because he got more comfortable with Chloe, but I feel like maybe even the author didn't know where she was going with his character. But that's just the vibe I got. I know we were supposed to think that he was dumb, but she went a little overboard making us think that and he did some things that I don't feel like he would have.
Again that's just me.

But overall I really loved this book! you can always tell when I love a book because it takes no time at all to read it and so far both featured books have been like that! (Memoirs I read in a week during finals and this one in a day!)