Memoirs of a Geisha

Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden Most sickening book ever, just saying. But I really liked it, and I liked how it was from Chiyo's point of view even though I usually don't like first person perspective. Not a fan of Nobu, it seemed like for a while they were trying to make him out to be this nice guy who had a tortured soul or whatever, but I'm not buying it. He was a horny old man who wanted to get with a 15 year old (and continued to want her till she was old) and then just sorta threw a temper tantrum when she behaved how she was trained: high end prostitute. Not that I liked Chairman any better. He just backed of with the child molesting for his molester buddy. I liked Granny. And the dog. And the crazy artist. I wasn't fooled by all these pedophiles, that poor girl had such a hard life.
That poor girl her only bright spot was that an even creepier old man would love her... How miserable.
I loved the way they explained them getting ready! I saw that in the movie before I read it and it was my favorite scene, and I think that it was my favorite part of book too. It was really cool being able to see the way they lived.
Also I found it sad the way America came in a ruined her society, not that it was like the best situation for people, but it had an elegance that got polluted when America came in.
One more thing! I completely loved Chiyo's original name (Chiyo ha ha) and refused to think of her by her new name. (even though I know that's who she was now, I just liked Chiyo better)