Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West - Gregory Maguire This book took me forever to get through and I was very disappointed. I saw the Broadway musical and I loved it so when I heard it was a book I had to check it out. It was not at all what I expected in many different ways. When the book started it was just a lot more blunt about life, which is fine, but as it went on there were more chapters that were just unnecessary and frankly disturbing and had no place in the plot. And not in that 'Oh, good heavens to Betsy! Did that young man just engage in inappropriate sexual activities?' It seems when Maguire could not think of repugnant scenes to add, simply for shock value, he rattled on about politics for pages before abruptly, and without any explanation, jumping 5, 6, 9 years at a time. I found it hard to care about most of the characters and many of them did things that did not seem to fit with their character.
This book was quite a disappointment and I'll probably not read the rest of the series. I do not recommended reading this book.

*page 324*
I mostly liked this book so far but it's started to get a bit boring and slow. Also there are a lot of really unnecessary and frankly disturbing parts. No one want's a page long description of someone having diarrhea, or a threesome with a tiger, or a creation story about a goddess's urine. Sorry but no, you're not being edgy you're just being gross. This is defiantly not what I thought it was going to be.

*page 325*
I noticed that my numbering is off because my edition is not listed and a typo. But I had to post an update of this book's continued disturbing unnecessary existence. I'm not sure what I am even reading anymore because it keeps skipping around in years without warning, and then just slaps some horrible scene in just for shock effect. Why is it necessary to put a 9 year old playing with her mother's nipple? It's not.

*page 500*
This book went from trying to be too intelligent to being a painfully corny madhouse.