The Giver

The Giver  - Lois Lowry I really liked hearing about the 'sameness' in this book, it reminded me a lot of a Stedford type story (which I guess would be a Utopia of sorts). I also really liked the description of the different ages receiving items/privileges as the grow up. I feel that the whole 12 years old and getting a job thing was a little unrealistic. They made them seem much more mature for 12 year-old kids. I did like that it had a nice depth to it without being pompous or ridiculous. I didn't really get the whole no color thing. I know that they said it was because there was no sun, but if that means no color then Jonas wouldn't be able to see color either. I liked hearing about the different jobs and things, and the rules. The children rule reminded me a lot of China with it's restrictions. It wasn't the best book I've ever read but it wasn't bad. I own the second book in this series and I'll most likely read it (maybe not this month, but at some point). Overall I liked it, and might recommend it to certain people.