The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian - Eoin Colfer It was a bit of a relief to finish this series. It felt a bit to me like they were just trying to squeeze one more book in there before everyone stopped caring about the series. The series was starting to feel overextended, like butter spread over too much bread, perhaps? It was nice that some of the previous books’ loose threads were tied up an finished off, and it was an interesting story, but there are only so many times Opal Koboi can ruin the day with her (not so)genius plans, and Mulch Diggums can fart his and everyone else’s way out of it.
I am not a huge fan of the whole ‘over intelligent baby who talks more than they should’ thing in any book (or any media form for that matter) so I did not really enjoy the young Fowls.
I did enjoy Foaly and his wife. Throughout the entire series he has been my favorite part and I was not disappointed when it came to his story lines.
I was disappointed in the effort put into the Berserker’s history etc. and was honestly left wondering half hearted what these guys were all about.
I think that the ending was such a cop-out.
I just really am exhausted by the thought of even thinking about this book long enough to review it that I’m not even going to continue. It wasn't horrible but drawn out and exhausting.