The Prince

The Prince - Kiera Cass This review is full of spoilers for both this novella and The Selection series.

This novella was essentially what Maxon was up to for the first part of book one of the series (The Selection). I am usually not into re-reading scenes I just read from someone else's perspective but I really enjoyed this, and was honestly disappointed when it ended. A lot of times the novellas are not as good as the primary works, and feel a little neglected, but I didn't find that that was the case with this one. I think one thing that helped was that there were a lot of new scenes. I could picture what would be happening on America's end, but it was something completely different. I think it also helped that it was a little bit faster paced than The Selection because we already knew what was going on, and had seen the scenes, it focused more on Maxon's thoughts and perspective rather than explaining the plot.
I think that this novella brought a lot to Maxon's character. When I initially read the series I was very frustrated by him floating around with multiple girls, but after this story I could see a boy who just seemed to want companionship, and went from having one long distance friend to having all of these girls.
I also enjoyed hearing about him and Daphne, because I feel that it was a story line that I found myself wondering about.
Basically this is one of the better novellas I've read and anyone who's read The Selection (and liked it) should give this novella a try.