Hunted  - P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast Another great book from P.C. Cast about Zoey and her fight against evil. This time the fight is against Kalona, an ancient immortal of Cherokee legend, and his twisted offspring the Raven Mockers, brought back from captivity by Neferet. The group is hiding out and preparing to try to take them down, but Zoey is plagued by dreams of Kalona that make her think there is something more about him. Unfortunately, Zoey's multiple man troubles have caught up with her again. Heath follows her to the hideout and has a run in with the overprotective and jealous Erik resulting in Zoey being mortally wounded! In order to save her Heath allows her to drink from him, solidifying their imprint once again, and then she is rushed back to the House of Night. There they find the now red-fledgling Stark attempting to rape the women of the House of Night, who Zoey promptly picks up where she left off with. (So that brings us back to 3 guys again, 4 if you count Kalona). Action packed and full of drama!