Awakened - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast This book was a little bit darker than the previous books. Zoey and Stark decide to stay on the island of Skye for a while until news of Jack's death reaches them from Stevie Rae, who has become the high priestess of the House of Night. Things are becoming serious with Stevie Rae and Rephaim, and we find out Kalona is not really bound. Sadly, at Jack's funeral pyre, Neferat starts trouble and all seems lost until Nyx shows up. She forgives Rephaim and allows him to become human at night. Once Nyx leaves Nepherat twists what she said to her advantage and Zoey and the gang leave for the tunnels.

I was a little bit disappointed by the fact that Zoey excused away Stark's abusive behavior in bed right at the end of the book, even though I am going to assume that it was Kalona controlling him. I am not a huge fan of Stark's character in general because I do not buy into the whole 'I was dark and it wasn't my fault' at the same time as 'I am that person I just have to choose to be good' he tried to rape that Becca girl, he probably raped other girls, and even though it was probably not him this time, it fits his character.

I did feel bad, however at the ending where Zoey finds out he mother is dead. It was such a bitter ending to that story line, that Linda would just be coming around (even if it is just because she caught him, and not because of the way he treated her children) and she goes and dies. That being said I am really glad it was Linda and not the grandmother!
It was also a little darker because of the random bestiality that showed up there at the end. I'm not talking about Stevie Rae. What was with that White Bull sex scene? Nope. Just nope.