Burned - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast This book was a bit different than the previous 6. The pace was a little less fast, however it still had the urgency. Zoey's spirit has been shattered by Heath's death, and she is trapped in the Other world until she can literally pull herself together. Unfortunately she only has a week to do it before her body will die and she will become something terrible. The council tries to decide what should be done about the whole situation, but once again Neferat manipulates the situation. Once she knows what has happened, she sends Kalona's spirit into the Other world after Zoey to prevent her from leaving. Stark, with Aphrodite's and Darius's help heads to the ancient island of Skye to seek the help of it's ancient queen. Stark undergoes a ritual to become a shaman and Zoey's guardian which will allow him to enter into the Other world after her. Once there, he must convince Heath to leave so that Zoey will come back and save the world! Meanwhile in Tulsa Stevie Rae picks up where Zoey left off with two guys (one the lead Raven Mocker who Killed Dragon's mate Rephaim). She invokes the two Bulls personifying Light and Darkness because of one of the (terrible) prophetic poems their new poet gives her. However Dallas finds out about her new crush(?) and chooses darkness, which changes him into the second red vampyre. Luckily for everyone Zoey pulls herself together and her and stark make it out of the Otherworld alive, but not before a showdown with Kalona that ends in Nyx making Kalona give Stark a piece of his immortality!
There was more feelings in this book, but don't let that fool you, it was still an action packed book!