Destined - Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast The ending of this book is what saved it. I think that I've reached the point in this series that I just want it to be over now. I'm sick of the 'bull poopie'. I was never a kid who swore, but I think if I had read these books, I would have been just so that I never sounded like Zoey. I was frustrated that Cast doesn't seem to be able to write anything about relationships unless there is some kind of love triangle going on. I also am fed up with the poor characterization. Her characters go from bad to good to bad faster than I don't know what. We have Aphrodite who was the villain of the first book is now one of the gang. Stark flip flops from dog lover to rapist to guardian and then abusive(ish) boyfriend to perfect. Kalona was a warrior, then a rapist, then the villain, now trying to be good guy daddy of the year? Nope. It would be OK if the characters of these people were not being slung all over the place. How about the twins? They seem like completely different people in this book. And Damien has morphed from someone with his own personality into Jack 2.0 or something. We had a super feminine gay and he died. You can't just morph the other gay into a super feminine gay now too. Finally I've had it up to here with the spoilers. I get that everyone knows about Lord of the Rings, it's one of those things. But as someone who has not finished True Blood, I'm sick of these books ruining things. I know it's just small stuff, but come one? Why would you ruin stuff? Write your own story! Enough with the pop culture references. You don't need to shove your opinions down the reader's throat. OK you like Sookie Stackhouse better than which ever vampire series you talked about in the last book. You do NOT need to call the author stupid. I'm quite fed up with these books.