Beautiful Redemption

Beautiful Redemption - Margaret Stohl, Kami Garcia An interesting idea, this book follows the events of [b:Beautiful Chaos|10757833|Beautiful Chaos (Caster Chronicles, # 3)|Kami Garcia||11254742] in which Ethan sacrifices himself in order to save his friends and loved ones. I thought it was a tad cheesy, but in an indulging, guilty pleasure read type way, that there was an entire book to bring this character back from the dead. The idea of this book, which tied up a handful of loose ends, was a nice concept, but like the previous 3.5 the execution of that plan left me disappointed. I was left with the overall opinion that if I had to hear about Lena and Ethan's matching 'Chucks' shoes one more time, I would simply die of boredom.
Many of the plot lines did not mesh with related plot lines, and it was all capped off with an ending that did not impress me, although had a disappointingly large amount of unused potential. I felt that Angelus was thrown into the story too late to be an overarching villainus mastermind behind it all, and frankly I felt that Ethan's mother's story line was changed so many times by this point I barely noticed when they changed the circumstances of her death. I enjoyed the reference to Acheron, the river of the underworld, but again, this story line left things to be desired.
I thought that this was a sloppy ending to the book and the series and I was quite relieved to finish the series.