The Chessmen of Mars

The Chessmen of Mars  - Edgar Rice Burroughs Ok, so I said in my last review (Thuvia, Maid of Mars) That I thought either book 3 or 4 was about rescuing a slave, but I think I was wrong and it was actually this one.
It starts out promising, (sort of) with Tara (John Carter's daughter) standing up for herself and saying that she does not want to be forced to marry someone she has not chosen, and before she wants to get married. However, instead of coming off like that, she came off spoiled and pouty, like she was being a silly girl throwing a temper tantrum and ruining off because she didn't get her own way. (Which of course means, since a woman has gone off on her own, she will inevitably need rescued /sigh) Needless to say we find and declare evil a new race, (who, actually I found interesting, despite a touch of their own slavery of kind, or perhaps not?) our main man lies about who is is, and WAM! That silly girl realizes she really does love him (and is written in a nice excuse to marry him and not her betrothed).